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HAIRstory: Beginning the Design Process for Actors of Color



Costume Designers...Stylists...Design Students...Wig Supervisors...Producers...Directors...Theaters...Actors are welcome too!

If you don't know the hisSTORY of Black hair and Black people's hairSTORIES...

If you've struggled with communicating about hair and designing for Black actors, contact us for a virtual or in person workshop.

Individual or group sessions available.



Have you been on a tv/film set or in a theatre production where youve been left feeling so-unpretty because the stylist or wig supervisor was not prepared to care for your curls, kinks and coils?

 Have you ever heard un-educated remarks from casting on your hairstyle of choice?

Have you been made to feel like a problem for asking for hair support in a theatre or tv/film set?

Well you're not alone. I haven't come across one actor of color who hasn't faced this in some form or other.

So, stay tuned for the next HAIRversations workshop for actors of color!

We'll help you to plan for entering or sustaining in the professional world,

as we discuss

Auditions, Self-tapes, Headshots

And more!

Contact us to setup a workshop for the actors of color at your Drama Program or Organization!

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